The Enterprise

The Enterprise

In 2001, Dr.-Ing. Helmut Schlüter VDI established the label hs engineers for his engineering firm. Here special measurement technique is designed and manufactured especially for use in the aquatic environment: In lakes, rivers, oceans; for oceanography, limnology, hydrology, coastal protection, civil engineering, etc.

Examples are the low-cost analog flow meters ISM-2001 and the flow meters / multi-parameter probes / directional sea-state probes Series 2001.

In addition, specific solutions are developed to meet special requirements of customers in which are incorporated many years of experience in both the development and the use of measurement technology in the areas mentioned - – that means experiences from both the perspective of the developer as well as the user.

Furthermore, hs engineers provides services related to the use of environmental measurement technology too: supervision of complete measuring stations and networks from maintaining equipment on site through to processing, storage and presentation of data. A major project of this kind, in which Dr. Schlüter was involved to a great part, is the "Internal monitoring network of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" (owner StALU MM Rostock, the local authorities), see current data and the summary.

The lab as well as the office of hs engineers are now under one roof in the small village Lichtenhagen near to the city of Rostock wich is famos for the largest German port at the Baltic Sea side.
The required measuring and test tools, partially as fully-automatic calibrating equipment are available there for the development and service of the devices. Both for the hardware- and the software development modern CAE-methods are in use.

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