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Sea & Sun Technology takes over hs engineers

The long-standing fruitful business relationship between Sea & Sun Technology GmbH and hs engineers Ingenieurbüro Dr. Schlüter VDI has now resulted in Sea & Sun taking over the portfolio of hs engineers. As of January 1, 2022, inquiries should therefore only be sent to Dr.-Ing Helmut Schlüter would like to thank his loyal customers!
Sea & Sun Technology GmbH complements its wide range of high quality sensors with the robust inductive current sensors and current meters from hs engineers.

MEMS based compass in UW housing Mag3

The underwater compass system is available in a new version Mag3:
Tilt compensated compass with triaxial magnetometer, gyrometer and accelerometer. Sensor fusion / Kalman filter for correction of tilt-related directional errors.
Option: pressure sensor for depth determination.
Computation of compass direction and pitch and roll angles; routines for compensation of magnetic distortions.
See flyer Mag3-Pe

ISMart and ISMartCtrl

Updates of the ISMart firmware as well as for the Windows tool ISMartCtrl are available. Please contact your local dealer or
hs engineers directly!
The latest versions are 1.2.22 and respectively.

S-2001 successor: ISMart

The new model ISMart is now available as the successor of the flow meter/multiparameter probes S-2001. With largely identical mechanical design, the instruments offer significant improvements in detail: greatly reduced energy consumption, up to 8 measurements per second on all channels (scaled), precise real-time clock, more convenient configuration and communication. Operation is possible via an isolated cable interface with wide-range voltage converter and RS-485 as well as a local battery. See ISMart_ProD brochure

Sept. 2015
Current Meter ISM-2001CTi for full ocean depth

The analog current meter ISM-2001 is now available with a titanium housing and with a modified sensor molding as version ISM-2001CTi rated for 7000 meters depth.


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